Individual Time Trial Result

DateSunday 26 March 2023
EventPoole Wheelers Club 10 (TT Bikes)
CourseP459/10 Gallows Hill Wool Worgret Heath
Competition(s)Rothwell, Handicap League
Linked ResultHandicap League
Previous Year Result
Finishers to Display    PB - Personal Best at time, D(4) 4th fastest at Distance at present, CB - Course Best at time, C(3) 3rd fastest on Course at present & SB - Season Best
PositionRiderClubCategoryTimemphRatingVets +/-Rider RecordCompetition(s) and Points
1Paul Jones Primera-Teamjobs V21:4027.69288.56420:45  
2Bryce Dyer Bournemouth Cycleworks V 22:3926.49084.64122:09  
3George Cottrell Poole Wheelers J 23:3325.47881.051 D(5) C(2) Rothwell 40
4Nathan Wilmington CC Weymouth 23:4225.31680.452   
5David Butt CC Weymouth V 24:5024.16175.93121:58  
6Paul Axon Poole Wheelers V 24:5224.12975.79823:28 Rothwell 39, HCP League 39
7Rupert Silman Bournemouth Jubilee Whs V 25:2623.59173.53725:00  
8Patrick Mahon Poole Wheelers V 25:5423.16671.67625:33C(5) Rothwell 38
9George Terry Poole Wheelers Juv26:3622.55668.883 PB CB Rothwell 37, HCP League 40
10Matt Blythe Poole Wheelers V 26:5322.31967.75326:03 Rothwell 36
11Gary Tuskin Poole Wheelers V 28:1421.25162.36727:08 Rothwell 35
12Lauren Falconer Poole Wheelers W28:2421.12761.702  Rothwell 34, HCP League 37
13Steve Baker Poole Wheelers V 29:2020.45557.97927:35 Rothwell 33, HCP League 38
 Robert Fall Poole Wheelers JuvDNF    Rothwell 1
 Averages for event 25:32 23.49973.103   
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